President Obama calls for one-third reduction in oil imports by 2025

Obama Calls for One-Third Reduction in Foreign Oil Imports by 2025

In a speech at Georgetown University today, president Obama called for reducing the nation’s dependence of foreign oil by one-third by 2025. Realizing that he comes in a long line of past presidents calling for decreased dependency on energy imports, Obama acknowledged that “we’ve been down this road before.” ” …we can’t rush to action when gas prices are high…

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Sustainable Development: The Modern Day Ghost Town and the Future of the City

They are fast becoming the ghost towns of the 21st century, places like the southern California exoburb of Victorville, built around the car and an endless supply of cheap gas for the 50-mile drive to work and the 5-mile drive to the supermarket. Built (or built up) on the boomtown mentality of cheap energy, unlimited water, and effortless credit, these…

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Duckweed Shows Promise for Second Generation Biofuel Feedstock and Wastewater Treatment

Researchers from North Carolina State University believe Duckweed will be a key to sustainable biofuel ethanol production.