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Federal Funding for 76 Water-Energy Conservation Projects in 13 Western

The Dept. of Agriculture and Dept. of Interior's Bureau of Land Reclamation are investing $47 million in shared-cost funding in joining with local authorities, farmers and ranchers to improve water conservation and energy efficiency, as well as enhance drought response,Read More

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U.S. Energy Efficiency Forecasts for 2014

Efficiency will have an even greater impact on both residential and industrial energy consumption this year compared to 2013. This is driven by policy at the federal, state and municipal levels. Net-positive energy buildings is another trend expected to grow in 2014. Other specific initiatives that will define energy efficiency in 2014 relate to financing, […]Read More

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Review of U.S. Energy Efficiency in 2013

Energy efficiency has played a pivotal role in American productivity improvements. In 2013, energy efficiency continued to move forward in the U.S. Driven by cost savings, energy efficiency is good for business and the economy. Improving efficiency increases production and can even lead to a higher quality of material life. Energy efficiency improves the nation’s […]Read More

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Reduce Your Small Business’s Environmental Footprint

No business is too small to contribute to making a difference in the state of our environment by lowering its resource consumption. A series of little changes add up to big change, both at the micro and macro level. If enough small businesses take steps to curb their water and energy usage, not only will […]Read More

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Video Friday: Alliance to Save Energy – Doubling Energy Productivity

One of the most effective ways to create jobs, improve the overall economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions is simply improving energy efficiency, or what many call “energy productivity.” In the U.S. 57 percent of the energy flowing into the economy is wasted. Of the 12 leading industrial economies the United States ranks 9th in […]Read More

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Tax Incentives for Home Improvements That Reduce Energy Consumption

By Shaun Bestby Homeowners can save up to $500 with the Tax Incentives Assistance Project (TIAP). TIAP is a public interest collaboration that gives homeowners access to tax incentives for upgrading their home appliances and heating and cooling equipment to meet energy-efficiency standards. Time is running out. Residential tax incentives for both existing home credits […]Read More

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The Growth of Efficient Buildings

The area of building efficiency affords tremendous opportunities for both economic growth and reduced environmental impacts. Buildings are the single largest emitters of greenhouse gases. According to a UNEP study titled “Towards a Green Economy,” homes and businesses are responsible for 40 percent of the climate change causing carbon pollution. There is significant room for […]Read More