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Carbon Emissions “Not a Factor” When Approving Coal Plants, EPA

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Stephen Johnson released a 19-page memo last Thursday claiming that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant subject to regulation when permitting coal-fired power plants. Johnson’s reasoning goes against a ruling made by his own agency, when the EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board rejected a permit from a regional EPA office in Denver […]Read More

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U.S. Could Experience Impacts of Climate Change Sooner Than Expected

The American Geophysical Union, meeting this week in San Francisco for their annual conference, released a report discussing the potential for abrupt climate change and the likely impacts it would have on the United States. The study, based on the latest scientific data and observations, updates the research of recent reports from key agencies and […]Read More

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Survey Shows World Opinion Strongly Supports Emissions Reductions and Renewable

This article is by Ben Block and reprinted with permission: Worldwatch Institute, Eye on Earth, www.worldwatch.org As international leaders convene in Poland for two weeks of climate negotiations, recent surveys suggest a global consensus for governments to reduce their country’s emissions. Despite increased financial instability, residents of both the industrialized and developing worlds are in […]Read More

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How Now Brown Cloud?

Massive brown clouds caused by burning fossil fuels, forests and fields are now fixtures over huge areas of Asia, the Middle East and southern Africa, altering weather patterns, climate and threatening health and agriculture, according to a UN report. An international response and more research is urgently needed, according to the lead researcher of a UNEP study.Read More