Trains, cars, motorcycles and boats - high speed electric transportation is here

Super-Fast Electric Vehicles

Who says that electric transportation needs to be slow? With high speed trains, cars and other vehicles, electric transportation can be very fast. All around the globe we are seeing evidence of super fast electric transportation that can go hundreds of miles per hour (MPH).  These fast and efficient electric vehicles are an ideal way to both make an economy…

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Earth Day Special: Of Solar Trees & PHEVs

Bright Automotive and Envision Solar International teamed up to introduce and demonstrate a 100-MPG plug-in hybrid electric multi-purpose vehicle and solar-powered charging “trees” designed for use in parking lots at an Earth Day event in the nation’s capital yesterday.

Green Stimulus: Navistar Gets DoE Funds to Improve PHEV School Buses

Navistar has been awarded up to $10 million by the DoE to share the cost of developing a new, improved version of its IC plug-in electric hybrid school bus.

Raser Readies 100-MPG Electric SUV for Road Test

Utah’s Raser Technologies expects to road test a 100-mpg electric hybrid SUV by the end of March.

SF, San Jose Roll Out Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Installation of Coulomb Technologies’ Smartlet Networked Charging Stations at San Francisco’s City Hall was completed last week, part of a two-year public demo and pilot project between the City and the emerging electric vehicle infrastructure provider.

Emissions, Green Vehicle Quid Pro Quo for Auto Makers’ Bailout

The US government should tie any further emergency bailout aid to the “Big 3” US automakers to guarantees that they’ll drop opposition to states’ stricter emissions reduction propositions, as well as guarantees that they will fast-track development and production of electric, PHEV and cleaner burning flex-fuel vehicles, according to two Civil Society Institute project teams.