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The Growth of Efficient Buildings

The area of building efficiency affords tremendous opportunities for both economic growth and reduced environmental impacts. Buildings are the single largest emitters of greenhouse gases. According to a UNEP study titled “Towards a Green Economy,” homes and businesses are responsible for 40 percent of the climate change causing carbon pollution. There is significant room for […]Read More

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Don’t Just Clean Your House; Green Your House

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s devastating impact on the East Coast, there has been contentious debate regarding whether or not we can attribute climate change to such a powerful storm. In fact, Bloomberg Businessweek didn’t pull any punches when it pummeled readers with its brash cover story. But regardless of your stance on the issue, we […]Read More

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How Affordable is Building Green?

Green Home Design – The ENERGY STAR Option – Guest Post by Shannon Combs Homebuyer demands for energy efficiency and cost savings have ushered in a new era of architects and designers that are helping consumers to save energy, and in turn helping to reduce the emissions that drive climate instability. Green building practices, long […]Read More