A Glass Ceiling on Economic Recovery: Peak Oil in 2014-2015

As per the contention of Peak Oil proponents, the economics of oil supply and demand will act as “a glass ceiling” to economic recovery, hastening demand for alternative energy sources sooner than many expect, according to a new study released by the New Economics Foundation (NEF). “Sustained high oil prices and price spikes will have a significant impact on the…

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A protestor at the Toronto G20 summit calling for an end to oil subsidies

Toronto G20 Summit Marked by Inaction on Climate Change

Despite the disappointing outcome at the Toronto 2010 Summit, the G20 remains our best hope of managing climate change. The G20 accounts for about 85 percent of the global economy and its members are responsible for the vast majority of climate change causing emissions. A healthy global economy is an essential precondition to an international effort to combat climate change.  The G20 has the ability to…

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Biden Task Force Looks for Green Jobs to Spur Growth, Boost Middle Class Income

Vice president Joseph Biden has taken his ‘Middle Class Task Force’ on the road planning to canvas the country for effective ways and means to spur ‘green’ job growth, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the historically large and still growing income disparity evident across American society. Biden and team made their first stop in Philadelphia yesterday. Convening an inaugural…

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China’s Recent Economic Developments Show Sustainability Really Invigorates An Economy

Now that the COP14 climate negotiations have gotten underway, thinking about the downturn in the global economy is all the more saliently linked with sustainability. Many economists have been cured of thinking of the environment as an issue that’s not attractive for the economy in the short term. One compelling example of how environment considerations can stimulate a speedier transition…

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