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Club of Rome’s “Reinventing Prosperity” Challenges Prevailing Notions of Socioeconomic

The Club of Rome's ¨Reinventing Prosperity¨ challenges the conceptual and institutional frameworks that have supported socioeconomic policy-making and development over the course of the past 30 years and goes on to offer 13 ¨radical policy solutions¨ that address three of the most pressing challenges in industrialized and industrializing countries: inequality, employment and climate change.Read More

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Bigger Picture Landscape Approach to Forest-Agriculture Management Gains Credibility

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity is taking note of a first set of "best practice" guidelines for enacting an interdisciplinary, ecosystem-based "Landscape Approach" to forest, agriculture and land use management that takes greater account of human use and community development.Read More

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The Quest for Sustainability: Ecological Economics and Creative Capitalism

The environmental and economic crises make it abundantly clear that we need an alternative to business as usual. Here are two approaches to developing a more sustainable economy. The first explores the shortcomings of the free market and the second leverages the strengths of capitalism. Current economic approaches have failed to reverse environmental degradation. There […]Read More