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Green for the Gold: Sustainability and Profit

By Gary Simms The hippy tree-hugging business versus the profit-driven power house dichotomy needs to end. Every day, large corporations are tailoring their practices more towards a double bottom line: profitability and sustainability. A 2011 survey of 3,000 corporate leaders, conducted by MIT, revealed that nearly 70 percent of companies place the expansion and integration of sustainable business practices near the top of their …

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Green: The Color of Money, Trees and (Hopefully) Our Future

Green Island with Business City

Guest post by Lisa Humbert Sure, green might be an overused buzzword in our current economy, but some businesses genuinely operate under the premise of a double bottom line: profit AND doing good things for the earth. According to the EPA, there are over 971 known pollutants that ravage our air, and the majority of them are caused by industry and car exhaust. It’s …

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