Providing the Tools to Get a Strong International Climate Agreement: the Waxman-Markey Discussion Draft

International Climate Policy Director for the Natural Resources Defense Council discusses the the tools available in forging a workable and meaningful international agreement in Copenhagen

Developing Country Action on Global Warming: Speech of South African Minister

I just wrapped up an event that NRDC co-hosted with Climate Change Capital on Emerging Strategies for International Climate & Investment Policy on Capital Hill.  The event was aimed at beginning a serious discussion about how to structure international incentives to encourage greater emissions reductions in developing countries in the post-2012 agreement in Copenhagen (Dec. 2009). We had the pleasure…

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Slow Progress in Poland Climate Negotiations…but Some Key Issues Emerging

The first week of the Poland Climate Negotiations has ended and progress is slow.  This isn’t a surprising outcome at this stage in negotiations.  Without the new US leadership in place and with many of the key pieces of the post-2012 international agreement likely only woven together in the “final deal” this was the anticipation as “no major breakthroughs were expected”. But,…

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Poland Climate Negotiations: What to expect

We’ll I’m in Poznan, Poland for two weeks for the next round of international climate negotiations.  This session is an important “check point” as it is mid-way between the agreement in Bali (December 2007) and when the final agreement is set to be struck in Copenhagen.  This session comes on the heels of the recent session in Ghana where some…

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Detailed Actions to Restore America’s Global Leadership on Global Warming

Restoring America’s leadership on global warming is no easy task.  US leadership has been lost over a sustained period as the current Administration has failed to make progress on global warming.  (Sadly this is time we don’t have.)  So, becoming a leader isn’t something that can be done overnight, but it will need to start from day one.  President-elect Obama has…

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President-elect Obama Signals He Will Restore American Leadership on Global Warming

At a global warming summit convened today in California, President-elect Obama signaled that he will make addressing global warming the high priority it deserves.  In the video statement telecast (here) to summit attendees from around the US and the world he stated: “Few challenges facing America — and the world — are more urgent than combating climate change…My presidency will…

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Input from Around the World to President-elect Obama on Global Warming

This post first appeared on NRDC’s Switchboard. —————— The world is reacting to the election of President-elect Obama.  I understand that Europeans, Nelson Mandela, Kenyans, Mexico and elsewhere (to name a few) were thrilled by the opportunities presented by a change in leadership in the US and the election of Obama. As a tax-deductible, non-partisan organization, NRDC did not endorse…

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