Coffee borer beetle and other impacts from climate change threaten the world's coffee crop

Starbucks Exec Warns of Climate Change Impacts on World Coffee Supply

Seeing climate change and global warming as growing threats to its business, Starbucks is expanding its climate change mitigation initiatives, including working with growers in Indonesia and Mexico to evaluate the potential to generate carbon offsets, as well as working with them to adopt sustainable agricultural, forest and land stewardship methods and practices.

Strategic Environmental Philanthropy

Businesses are often perceived as environmentally destructive forces, but they can also be powerful models of change. An organization that addresses societal needs can at the same time advance business interests. Strategic philanthropy emerged in the 1980s as a management practice to support social responsibility in organizations in the United States. Strategic philanthropy is defined by Dr. Linda Ferrell as “the synergistic use of organizational core…

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The Growth of Responsible Business

The Global Reporting Initiative shows an increase in the number of businesses reporting key sustainability indicators.