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Look Under the Hood of the Climate Negotiations (Getting the

The two-week global warming negotiations in Bangkok, Thailand are just wrapping up. There are five key elements to the Copenhagen Agreement (as I’ve discussed on a number of occasions): Strong leadership from developed countries with firm and aggressive emissions reductions targets in the near-term (e.g., 2020 and 2030) and strong signals that they will significantly […]Read More

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It’s the Little Things: Global Warming Negotiations with 21 (or

You know the saying: “it’s the little things that matter”.  Well you can’t really take that saying too literally when discussing global warming pollution as it is the big things that ultimately matter such as pollution reduction cuts, assistance for developing countries in cutting emissions further, and support for the most vulnerable countries to adapt […]Read More

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Major Economies Meet on Global Warming – What should they

Major economies are meeting to discuss climate change in the months before negotiations in Copenhagen this December. What should this talks entail to ensure effective global policies are forged to combat climate change?Read More