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Obama Frustrated with Outcome of Copenhagen Climate Talks

Despite near instantaneous condemnation of his role in the culmination of the COP15 climate negotiations last week, president Obama voiced his frustration over the course those negotiations took and accord that resulted from them. Speaking with Jim Lehrer on Wednesday, president Obama said that “people are justified in being disappointed about the outcome in Copenhagen.” Lehrer asked about comments Obama made that Copenhagen “was …

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Non-Binding Copenhagen Accord

Climate Change and the Copenhagen Accord

The non-binding Copenhagen Accord has been reached. The draft text of the Copenhagen Accord: The Heads of State, Heads of Government, Ministers, and other heads of delegation present at the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 in Copenhagen, In pursuit of the ultimate objective of the Convention as stated in its Article 2, Being guided by the principles and provisions of the Convention, Noting …

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The Public Spirit of COP15

It is mid-evening on Friday in Copenhagen. World leaders have made their statements, and now talks are expected to go into the wee hours of Saturday. For me, one of the most remarkable aspects of COP15 has been the outpouring of spirit from “civil society.”  I was fortunate enough to catch the following video (editing inelegantly into the required ten minutes required by YouTube) …

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President Obama Speaks at COP15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen

President Obama spoke here in Copenhagen about 50 minutes ago, following is the text of his speech as released by the White House: Copenhagen, Denmark December 18, 2009 Good morning. It’s an honor to for me to join this distinguished group of leaders from nations around the world. We come together here in Copenhagen because climate change poses a grave and growing danger to …

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