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Yvo de Boer: The “Danish Text” Sunk COP15

Despite the flourishing rhetoric at the outset of the COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen last December, by the time the conference got underway it was already apparent that the degree of tension and mistrust between the developed and developing world would likely hobble efforts to negotiate a “fair and binding” agreement to deal with climate change at an international level. By the time the …

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EarthTalk: What Really Happened at COP15?


EarthTalk® is a weekly environmental column made available to our readers from the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: There have been many contradictory reports (“it was good; it was bad”) about what came out of “COP 15,” the December 2009 international Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen. Can you set the record straight? – Jay Killian, Brookline, MA Indeed hopes were high …

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Where Do Things Stand on International Efforts to Address Global Warming?

It is almost 3 months after the Copenhagen Accord was hammered out by 28 of the world’s key countries that represent over 80% of the world’s global warming pollution and some of the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change (as I discussed here).  Given the state of the Accord just after Copenhagen with some calling it a failure, some outlining the foundations …

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Memo Reveals China Fears Developed Nation “Conspiracy” at COP15 Climate Conference

A leaked internal document commissioned by the Chinese environment ministry and written by a Chinese government think-tank claims that “A conspiracy by developed nations to divide the camp of developing nations [was] a success.” The purpose of the conspiracy was apparently to divide developing nations at the climate conference in Copenhagen last December, citing the demand from the Alliance of Small Island Nations (AOSIS) …

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80% of the World’s Emissions are Taking Steps to Curb Their Global Warming Pollution

As I mentioned here by the end of January countries were to register their actions to reduce global warming pollution as agreed under the Copenhagen Accord.  And by deadline countries accounting for over 80% of the world’s global warming pollution (and a bit more) have registered their actions to reduce their pollution.  So what does this all mean? The Natural Resources Defense Council has …

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Copenhagen Accord = Climate Action

In December 2009, more than 120 Heads of Government attended the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, the largest meeting of world leaders in history (the previous largest one was the funeral of the Pope according to Wikipedia).  Many of the leaders came to Copenhagen with new commitments to actions on global warming pollution (as I discussed here and here).  Under the Accord, all of the …

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Kicking the Can Down the Road – UNFCC Chief Yvo de Boar Press Conference on the Aftermath of COP15

Yvo de Boer is smiling here - but leaves the UNFCCC "appalled" by climate inaction from the international community

In his first official press conference since the conclusion of the COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer acknowledged that the much-anticipated conference did not deliver all it could have, it did “set the stage” in three key elements: Raising climate change to the highest level of government Producing a document (the Copenhagen Accord (pdf)) that reflects a political consensus …

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