Fossil Fuels and National Security

Back in 2009 I met David Catarious, a consultant for the Center for Naval Analysis (CNA). David was instrumental in helping prepare a report from a panel of 12 retired military generals and admirals assessing the national and global security risks from climate change and a reliance on fossils fuels. In this Fora.tv video, Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn (U.S. Navy,…

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New MIT Study: Smaller Cuts, If Taken Now, Can Minimize Climate Risk

Even “moderate” cuts in greenhouse gas emissions may be sufficient to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate change, says new MIT study. But only if those moderate cuts start now, not in 2020, where many emissions targets take initial aim. Without swift action, even more aggressive cuts may not be enough to stop extreme climate disruption. The climate “guardrail”…

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Climate Change Outpacing Recent Projections: UN Report Sees 7 Degree Warming This Century

The United National Environment Programme has released a compendium of 400 peer-reviewed scientific studies from the last three years that show climate change is quickly outpacing even the projections of the IPCC 2007 assessment reports. The new research indicates a seven degree rise in global temperature may be likely by the end of the 21st century.