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Statement by UNFCCC Executive Secretary on crossing of 400 ppm

Press release from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Bonn, 13 May 2013): Reacting to the fact that the global concentration of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere last week passed the 400 parts per million mark, the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Christiana Figueres on Monday called for a greatly stepped-up […]Read More

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Is the Agreement in Durban Enough to Contain Climate Change?

The participants at the U.N. sponsored COP17 climate change talks in Durban, South Africa, managed to come to an agreement on a package of measures that will eventually force all the world’s polluters to take legally binding action. One of the most significant elements of the deal concerns a replacement for the soon to expire […]Read More

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Climate Negotiators Stake Out Initial Positions in Run-Up to COP17

Climate change treaty negotiating teams are staking out initial positions in the run-up to the UN's climate change talks in Durban next week. The US is setting "a high bar" at the outset, analysts say, by refusing to discuss the legal form of a binding agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and requesting assurances that large, fast industrializing countries would be bound by the same commitments.Read More

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Environmental News Wrap: COP16, Climate Skeptics No More, Emissions Down

GlobalWarmingisReal contributor Anders Hellum-Alexander wraps-up the climate and environmental news headlines for the past week: The United Nations Climate Negotiations in Cancun, Mexico have begun. Read about how the US (and the UK) media is covering it: The Christian Science Monitor asks “What Can Be Accomplished?” & “Did Global Warming Talks Accomplish Anything?” The Guardian […]Read More

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Enviro News Wrap: EPA Reconsiders Coal Permit, Kenya Constitution Calls

GlobalWarmingisReal contributor Anders Hellum-Alexander wraps-up the climate and environmental news headlines for the past week: A mountain in West Virginia has a target on its head by Arch Coal and Massey Energy. The EPA is revisiting a permit granted to blow the top off a mountain using dynamite. The displaced material would cover the surrounding […]Read More

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Lowering Expectations for UN Climate Negotiations

Conflicting positions are undermining efforts to find agreement on greenhouse gas reductions. Delegates at the recent climate talks in Bonn made no progress on binding targets to reduce carbon emissions, nor were they able to agree on a deal to replace the soon to expire Kyoto Protocol. The climate change talks began with a document called “A Shared Vision for Long-Term Cooperative […]Read More