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Sustainability in Our New Political Climate

One of the most controversial and terrifying things about president-elect Donald Trump is that he has openly admitted to not believing global warming exists. A president who rejects scientific proof about a significant threat to our country and our lives can be very dangerous. As a result, the future of our environment is in question. […]Read More

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Citizen Journalism and Popular Media’s Climate Fail

The popular media has failed to communicate the science behind climate change. The public does not understand the science of anthropogenic global warming and the urgent need for climate action. We cannot expect people to support mitigation and adaptation efforts if they do not have access to accurate information. Shoddy climate reporting has been an issue for a […]Read More

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Exxon’s Crimes Against Humanity

It is now public knowledge that Exxon has known for decades that their core business is directly responsible for climate change. Even more damning is the fact that they covered up this knowledge. To make matters even worse, they actively participated and funded a sophisticated campaign to fuel climate denial and delay climate action as […]Read More