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Video Friday: Evidence for Climate Change Before Al Gore, Computer Models, or the IPCC

Today’s video from Potholer54 (a.k.a. Peter Sinclair) dispels the myth that evidence for climate change is based solely on computer models, or some sort of hoax designed to make Al Gore rich, or a massive conspiracy by a cabal of power-hungry, grant-seeking climate scientists operating under the aegis of the IPCC. It’s stuff your great grandfather knew.  

Live Stream from Climate Reality Project

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How To Curb Forests’ CO2 Emissions

Conventional wisdom, when re-confirmed, tends to generate plenty of admiration, especially of new converts to all things ecological. And to give common sense its dues; my better blog posts tend to cover issues that make me bond with other people. But not so this story. What follows is literally an off the beaten track article involving a climatologist´s idea to clear up some of the dead wood in…

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Professor Predicts Southern UK Will Be Too Hot For Grape Cultivation By 2080

A British professor asserts that by 2080 some parts of southern England might be too hot to grow grapes. In a book entitled ‘The Winelands of Britain: past, present and prospective‘ professor Richard Selley argues this on the basis of new climate change models indicating temperature rises of up to 5 degrees centigrade by 2080 in southern England. Instead of…

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Climate Change: Facts, Pseudo-Facts, and Belief – A Tale of Two Professors

I am reminded at times of a childhood game that worked, if I recall, by the participants all standing in a circle, one person starts off by whispering something in the next person’s ear, then that person whispers what they think they just heard in the third person’s ear and on around the circle until the last person announces out…

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