World Bank to “Turn Down the Heat” — 4º C Temperature Rise Projected

The World Bank will boost support for climate change mitigation, green growth and climate-smart development as a new report concludes we’re on track for a 4º C temp rise.

A Cop15 Primer (Part 2): Developed Country Emissions Reduction Commitments

One of the six key elements of the international agreement is: strong leadership from developed countries with firm and aggressive emissions reductions targets in the near-term (e.g., 2020 and 2030) and strong signals that they will significantly reduce emissions in the medium-term (e.g., 2050). As I discussed in Part 1, the expectations for Copenhagen are that all developed countries will…

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Kerry Tells International Environmental Delegates U.S. Will Have Carbon Market By Year End

John Kerry tells an international delegation at the Sustainable Development Summit that the U.S. will have a carbon market in place by the end of the year.