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Five Facts to Share With Climate Change Deniers

sharing the facts with climate change deniers

People with concerns about the environment consider the science settled and have long since moved on to solutions for the problems or delved deep into specific issues, such as global warming, water pollution or deforestation. They are forgetting a simple fact: they are leaving a huge part of the population behind. Depending on which politician – or which news outlet – they listen to, …

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Koch Industries Works in the Shadows, but Big Player in Funding Climate Denial and Working Against Clean Energy

You may not have heard of Koch Industries, and when you think of corporate climate change deniers, you likely think of companies like Exxon. Compared to Koch’s funding of the great climate change denial machine, Exxon has spent chump change. From 2005 to 2008, Koch has spent $25 million to fund denier groups and lobby organizations opposed to clean energy and climate legislation – …

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