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Deniers Cling to their Denial, but Insurers Are Paying Out, Taking Action to Mitigate Climate Change

Climate change deniers hold steadfastly to their belief that human activity isn’t accelerating global warming and climate change. The world’s insurers aren’t waiting around for some universal consensus. Having seen, and in many cases paid compensation for, the damages caused by increased extreme weather events have been having around the globe, they’re taking action both on the asset and liability sides of their balances …

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Enviro News Wrap: Why the Koch Brothers Are Lying About Solyndra; Oil Spill Off the Coast of Brazil; Green Business Fleeing California, and more…

GlobalWarmingisReal contributor Anders Hellum-Alexander wraps-up the climate and environmental news headlines for the past week: The Koch brothers are the reason why the Solyndra story has been over-hyped and misreported. There are other stories you should be hearing more about (but probably won’t because Koch Industries doesn’t want you to) – stop wiping your counter tops with Georgia Pacific paper towels! The typical story from conservatives …

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Combating the Culture of Climate Change Denial

Overcoming a culture that pits Man against nature

The failure to accept the anthropogenic origins of climate change may be partly attributable to a fallacy of modern culture. Popular culture pits us against nature which in turn undermines efforts to curtail climate change. Man versus nature is one of seven conflicts in literary studies, it relates to the theme in literature that places a character against the forces of nature. Many disaster films and …

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Effects of Global Warming Posing Threats from the Arctic to Australia

Arctic sea ice - 2011

It seems climate change deniers will try every trick in the book and go to almost any lengths to spread their message and gain supporters. You can't deny what people and all forms of life around the world are experiencing, however, or the growing mountain of evidence supporting climate change theory being amassed by good, honest climate science for that matter.

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The Spiraling Costs of Climate Change Denial

Climate change deniers continue to try to hammer home their messages, but the costs of not enacting strong, consistent and equitable climate change action plans are already apparent and they will only grow far greater with passing time, as a string of recent events and research reports indicate.

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Science and Pernicious Ignorance of Climate Change Denial

Willful ignorance of the reality of climate change

It is nothing short of tragic that so many Americans continue to dismiss the scientific veracity of climate change. Deniers are not moved by the coherency of the research that weaves together the different points of measurement. The plethora of data includes higher global mean surface temperatures, melting glaciers, retreating sea ice, increasing water temperature, rising sea levels, ocean acidification, and extreme weather. The …

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Global Warming: A Hoax?

A look at claims made in the film The Great Global Warming Swindle and responses to those claims from a panel of climate scientists. [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xipaV3iG3CU’] Related articles Prominent Former Global Warming Skeptic & Conservative Tackles GOP’s “rejection of proven science” (planetsave.com)

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