Getting a second opinion on climate change. Get 100, 97 of 'em will tell you to treat the disease.

Doonesbury on Climate Change – Can I Get a Second Opinion?

Doonesbury on climate change classic With apologies to Garry Trudeau, but we couldn’t resist letting our readers miss this one…

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Closing the Consensus Gap

Posted on 20 August 2013 by John Cook The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is a prestigious journal, established in 1945 to warn the public about the consequences of using nuclear weapons. They’ve published the writings of Hans Bethe, Albert Einstein…

Debating Climate Change – The Scientific Perspective

Two videos present a clear-headed approach to the explanation of climate change andwhy most scientists attribute man-made causes as a significant contributor to recent warming. The two most credible counter-arguments to this view are also presented.