Waste CO2 Could be Source of Renewable Power

By Tim Radford, Climate News Network LONDON – They could, they argue, pump the carbon dioxide through water or other liquids and produce a flow of electrons and therefore more electricity. Power-generating stations release 12 billion tons of carbon…

Willful ignorance of the reality of climate change

Science and Pernicious Ignorance of Climate Change Denial

It is nothing short of tragic that so many Americans continue to dismiss the scientific veracity of climate change. Deniers are not moved by the coherency of the research that weaves together the different points of measurement. The plethora of data includes higher global mean surface temperatures, melting glaciers, retreating sea ice, increasing water temperature, rising sea levels, ocean acidification,…

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Record-breaking and intense heat waves are indicative of the trend of a warmer world

Feeling the Heat of Global Warming

For more than a decade there has been increasing evidence of a pronounced warming trend around the globe. Last year we saw a new record for the second highest average global temperature over a 12 month period. This year, the U.S. has experienced widespread record breaking heat waves. Although hot summers are to be expected in the U.S., this year is different. As explained by Christopher Vaccaro,…

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Another active Atlantic hurricane season is forcast for the 2011 season

Atlantic Summer Hurricane Forecast

Dr. Heidi Cullen of Climate Central gives a brief forecast for the upcoming 2011 Atlantic hurricane season. [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3v2kn-478sw’]

Carbon Debt Explained

Climate Central’s Jessica Harrop explains the concept of carbon debt – how the release of carbon stored in the soil, when land is cleared, can make corn-based ethanol worse than we may have thought in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change.