White House Prepares to Do Battle on Energy and Climate Legislation

Now that everyone has calmed down and made amends after the bitter struggle over health care (ahem), many now see hints that the White House is wasting no time on gearing up for its next big fight, setting their sights on climate and energy legislation getting passed before the November midterm elections. Sending up a flare this week was Larry…

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The President’s Strategy and Climate Change Legislation

The President remains committed to advancing his stalled legislative agenda. Addressing the Democratic National Committee in Washington last Saturday, Obama insisted he is not going to let go of his aspirations for America. “I’m not going to walk away from the American people,” he said. “I’m not going to walk away on any challenge.” However, Senators from Red States, Coal…

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The “60 Vote Climb” – Breaking Down the Climate Debate in the Senate

Analysis from E&E Publishing of senators likely vote as of mid-July on climate legislation.

Report Details Sharp Drop in U.S. Power Plant Emissions

Emissions from U.S. power plants of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide fell sharply in the first half of 2009.

News Break: Waxman-Markey Climate and Energy Bill Passes Committee Vote

The Waxman-Markey climate and energy bill passes committee and moves to the full floor of the House of Representatives.