Energy Ministers meet in US to Discuss Clean Energy: Who will be in the clean energy race?

The race for the clean energy future comes to Washington, DC today—only symbolically if the US doesn’t seize the moment.  Energy ministers from 20 countries that account for over 80% of the world’s global warming pollution are in the US to discuss how to speed up the deployment of clean energy throughout the world, as a part of the Clean…

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Tools for Supporting International Action on Global Warming: American Power Act

The draft of the American Power Act is now out (see NRDC’s first read summary of the entire bill).  The core global warming pollution limits in the bill, covering all major pollution sources, are a solid foundation for Senate legislation to put a final bill on President Obama’s desk this year.  So how does this legislative proposal address the critical…

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Obama Administration Comes out in Support of Key International Provisions in Climate Bill

Deforestation reduction, clean energy export, and international adaptation assistance or three key issues offered support from the Obama administration for inclusion in climate legislation negotiations in the Senate

US is Starting to Make a Down Payment on Funding International Climate Change Efforts

This past Wednesday (June 17, 2009) the Appropriations Subcommittee of the House of Representatives that has jurisdiction over the international global warming pieces of President Obama’s budget passed a bill that supported increasing US commitments to these needed efforts.  The funding will make a “down payment” in helping developing countries deploy clean energy, reduce global warming pollution from tropical deforestation,…

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Ormat Secures $42 million for Geothermal Power Plant in Guatemala

Reno, Nevada-based Ormat Technologies secures $42 million in debt financing to carry on with expansion plans at the Lake Amatitlan geothermal power plant in Guatemala.