Research Reveals Climate Change’s Role in Migrations, Refugee Crises

Climate change is contributing to forced mass migrations and refugee crises around the world, raising the potential for all sorts of conflict – social, political and military. Fleeing armed conflict is clearly the reason in some parts of the world, the flood of migrants flooding into Western Europe from Syria and Libya, for example. It’s clear that the effects of…

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Clean Tech Job Trends for 2010

In its second annual look at the state of clean-tech jobs in the U.S. and globally, Clean Edge Inc., the world’s first research and advisory firm devoted to the clean-tech sector, released its Clean Tech Job Trends 2010 today. The report provides key insights and analysis of the most important clean-tech employment trends. The Clean Tech Job Trends 2010 offers…

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ClimateOne: Climate Progress Publisher Joe Romm at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco

I recently attended the following ClimateOne event with Joe Romm, publisher of ClimateProgress and a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. Romm addresses inaction in Congress on climate, and the inadequacy of the scientific community to deliver their message in the face of the powerful and organized disinformation campaign arrayed against it. A topic we will take up…

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Is America Surrendering Its Leadership Role in the New Energy Economy?

A clean energy “call to arms” A new report released today by the Center for American Progress entitled Out of the Running? How Germany, Spain, and China Are Seizing the Energy Opportunity and Why the United States Risks Getting Left Behind explains how clean energy is on track to become one of the biggest global industries in the coming decades. By…

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A Question for Skeptics

Courtesy of the Cartoonist Group, and the Center for American Progress

Mother Nature’s Elaborate Hoax on Mankind

Courtesy of the Cartoonist Group and the Center for American Progress

Climate Change and the Desert Island Cartoonist

Today’s cartoon from the Center for American Progress, courtesy of the Cartonist Group. See more cartoons in the cartoon archive.