Hanging on every word. Despite their best intentions, does star-powered environmental advocacy run the risk of succumbing to the fickle and shallow tendencies in our society?

What is Wrong with Star Powered Environmental Advocacy

Environmental advocacy and star power What harm can there be from celebrities who provide material support, raise environmental awareness and encourage ecological action? We live in a culture of celebrity worship, we are bombarded with their images in advertising, film, television and online. Whether we are consumers of pop culture or not, there is no denying that celebrities hold a…

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How reliable are used hybrids and electric cars?

How Reliable are Used Hybrids & Electric Vehicles?

By Michael Crowe Years of outrageous gas prices, poor auto emissions, increased global climate change, and celebrity endorsements of the Prius have all of us on the road going green. Almost every major automaker has responded will hybrid and/or electric options, from the compact Ford Focus electric to the full-sized pick-up Chevy Silverado hybrid. But what exactly are the costs…

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