UN Launches Project to “Unlock Carbon Markets” for Farmers, Foresters, Conservationists

The UN and partners announced the launch of an international research project that aims to evaluate and assess the ability of soils and forest in nine developing countries to capture and store carbon, as well as provide a range of additional environmental, social and economic benefits. The project aims to open up nascent carbon markets to farmers, ranchers, foresters and conservationists around the world.

Soil Conservation Key to Carbon Sequestration

Soil’s role as a long-term carbon reservoir is increasingly being recognized even as agriculture and land use continue to reduce and degrade it, a trend that urgently needs to, and can, be reversed, according to a new European Commission report.

Climate Change Mitigation: Heat Builds Under Biochar

A massive effort to turn agricultural waste into biochar and bury it in soils is the only option left open if we’re to reduce atmospheric CO2 and mitigate climate change, according to prominent UK scientist James Lovelock. This as Earthscan prepares to publish the first interdisciplinary synthesis of biochar research and practice.