How To Curb Forests’ CO2 Emissions

Conventional wisdom, when re-confirmed, tends to generate plenty of admiration, especially of new converts to all things ecological. And to give common sense its dues; my better blog posts tend to cover issues that make me bond with other people. But not so this story. What follows is literally an off the beaten track article involving a climatologist´s idea to clear up some of the dead wood in…

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Comparing Forestation Voluntary Carbon Offset Certification Standards

With voluntary carbon offset credit markets growing and the topic firmly fixed and on the agenda of the U.N. Clean Development Mechanism’s executive board forestry scientists and researchers, climatologists and natural resource economists around the world are zooming in on, gathering data and analyzing existing forestation carbon offset projects in order to better understand them and anticipate their overall effects,…

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Come to San Francisco for the Fog, the Cable Cars, and the Carbon Offsets

San Francisco will be the first city in the United States to adopt a program of carbon offsets for official business. Official travel will either be eliminated entirely or the carbon cost calculated for purchasing one of several city programs to offset that carbon. The savings by cutting some trips will used to purchase the offsets, thus adding no expense…

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