Data Center Emissions, Coal Power Use Much Higher than Thought

The largest U.S. data center owner-operators are underestimating how much coal-fired electricity they’re using, and thus the carbon and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions they produce, according to a new study from Lux Research.

As of August 13, 2015 we've used up the budget of Earth's resources for the year. How long can this continue?

Earth Overshoot: Running on Empty

  According to data from the Global Footprint Network, August 13, 2015 was officially “Earth Overshoot Day.” We have now used nature’s entire budget for the year. Global Footprint Monitor tracks humanity’s demand on natural resources against nature’s ability to accommodate that demand – also known as biocapacity. Carbon sequestration, natural carbon sinks for increasing carbon emissions, accounts for more…

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Simple steps to reduce your household carbon footprint this winter

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Household Carbon Footprint this Winter

Data from the Union for Concerned Scientists indicates the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased ever since the beginning of the Industrial Age. Today, the need to burn fossil fuels to generate electricity, produce fuel used to heat homes and for processing oil into gas for transportation are all major contributors to the increase in carbon dioxide…

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the digital footprint of many "green" online publications is no better - or worse - than print publications

Dirty Digital Footprints: An Exposé of “Green” Websites

Although interest in sustainability is expanding to include a wide range of areas, an analysis of 40 leading “green” websites indicates that digital footprints are often overlooked. At the end of April, the World Wide Web celebrated its 20th anniversary, and while the Internet is often considered to be more environmentally friendly than traditional communications channels, this supposition is subject…

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Infographic: Green Motoring – Which U.S. States are Best?

Green motoring has grown in popularity in recent years as an increasingly viable option for individual’s reducing their own carbon footprint and creating a real and positive change in terms of our overall carbon emissions. While  the environmental benefits of green motoring are undeniable, before purchasing and electric, hybrid or alternative-fuel vehicle it is important to consider the day-to-day practicalities of…

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The trade show industry is one that should clean up its act and reduce waste and energy consumption - efficiency is the key!

5 Industries That Need Way More Eco Attention

 Guest post by Brian Toomey There are industries that see a lot of scrutiny (often with just cause) from environmental authorities and campaigners, and then there are those that are ‘under the radar’. Unfortunately, some of these are major offenders and action does need to be taken to reduce impacts in these fields. Here are five of the most problematic:…

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How to Make Your Daily Commute Greener and More Efficient

Guest post by Burt Treehorn Traffic, stress, money spent on gas— all contributors to that wonderful little thing called our daily commute. Making your commute greener can not only save you money, it can reduce your stress level and help contribute to a cleaner environment. Making the transition to a green commute can be difficult, especially if driving has been…

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