Bahrain’s GPIC Launches Middle East’s First Advanced Carbon Capture System

Bahrain’s Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (GPIC) commissioned one of the world’s largest and the Middle East’s first carbon capture system at its Sitra petrochemical complex yesterday. The $55 million system should be able to capture as much as or more than 90%–some 450 metric tons per day–of the CO2 produced by the complex’s oil refinery. Absorbed from flue gas, the…

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Carbon capture and storage pros and cons explained

Schwarze Pumpe Part 2: CCS – Carbon Captured but Not Stored?

A followup to our first post on the Carbon Capture and Storage project at Schwarze Pumpe Germany, focusing on the challenges of long term carbon sequestration and storage.

Carbon capture and storage pros and cons explained

Carbon Capture And Storage: Solution or Boondoggle? – The Pros And Cons

Is CCS, or carbon capture and storage, a promising technology to help the world deal with carbon emissions from coal-fired power plant, or a dangerous and unproven boondoggle offering false hope?

Schwarze Pumpe Part 1: First Operational CCS Plant Captures Carbon, Will it Lead to “Clean Coal”?

Part 1 on Schwarze Pumpe – the pilot carbon capture and sequestration project near Spremburg Germany.

Brits Help Out Chinese To Bring Down Coal Plant Pollution

China, a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol, is on its way to double CO2 emissions by 2030. The country’s coal-fired power plants cause the bulk of its pollution. International environment experts of the British Geological Survey recently launched a project to slash Chinese coal plants’ CO2 emissions. The BGS scientists aim to bring down emissions to levels agreed at the…

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