Sustainable business best practices: the triple bottom line

Best Practices in Sustainability: Employee Engagement and Reporting

It is widely understood that adopting best practices in sustainability can offer a significant competitive advantage. There is ample incentive to get on board. In 2012, sales of sustainable goods and services reached $1 trillion globally and in 2013, it may double to reach $2 trillion. As early as 2017, the sustainable economy could be worth $10 trillion in annual…

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Social media is a powerful force driving the growth of sustainability

How Social Media can Drive the Growth of Sustainability

Social media can be both a carrot and a stick. The new media serves the growth of sustainability as a powerful communications tool and as a persuasive means of pushing for pro-social change. Social media gives organizations and individuals the ability to correspond with vast audiences. In addition to its tremendous reach, social media is largely about collaboration and community,…

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GE, Ford, and Intel praised for their cleantech innovation

GE, Ford and Intel Recognized as Dedicated Eco-minded Corporations

GE, Ford and Intel are forerunners in the cleantech movement.

Indore Hopes to Make Cycling Accessible to the Public

Bike sharing programs are cropping up across the world, although the concept is in its infancy in the vast majority of countries. However, Indore, a city located in central India, has been spearheading the idea for almost a quarter century.

Bob Willard's revised book "The New Sustainability Advantage"

The Business Case for Sustainability

The bottom line benefits of sustainability are making the business case for sustainability impossible to ignore. The evidence supports the observation that adopting sustainability strategies give companies a sustainable competitive advantage. In his new revised version of the 2002 book, “The Sustainability Advantage,” Bob Willard makes an even more compelling business case for the adoption of sustainability strategies. Business is the Best Hope…

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Disclosing Emissions Data Boosts Stock Prices | CleanTechnica

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A BP Christmas: Is That an Oil Slick in my Stocking?

“Musings of a Malcontent” is a weekly op-ed by GlobalWarmingisReal contributor Carlyle Coash I think I’m going to vomit. Just saw the new BP Gulf States ad. The theme? The Best Tourist Season EVER for a long time in the Gulf States! Brought to you by BP.