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Senate Climate Negotiations Falter on Republican Inability to Participate

As promised, Republican members of the Senate Energy and Public works committee failed to show up at the mark-up session for the Kerry-Boxer climate and energy bill convened by chairperson Senator Barbara Boxer, save for a brief appearance by Ohio Senator George Voinovich – who showed up for a brief time to deliver a prepared statement as to why they weren’t showing up. Ostensibly, …

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Senate Climate Bill Produces Little But Partisan Heat: Republicans Vow to Take Their Marbles and Go Home (or never show up)

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California), chairperson of the Energy and Public Works Committee (EPW), plans to proceed with markup of the Kerry-Boxer Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act tomorrow, despite a threatened boycott of the proceedings from the committee’s Republican members, led by Senator James Inhofe, a tireless climate change denier. The move to go ahead with the bill’s markup without the minority party …

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