Blog Action Day: Perennial Crops, Sustainable Agriculture – A 21st Century Green Revolution

To help celebrate Blog Action Day 2011, I am republishing this article on sustainable agriculture that I originally wrote for Planetsave.com. GlobalWarmingisReal.com applauds the efforts of Blog Action Day to focus attention on the pressing issue of food and sustainable agriculuture When two German scientists figured out how to how to turn atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia, in what is now…

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The Age of Stupid, or The New Enlightenment: A Global Call to Action on Climate Change

Blog Action Day – Today is Blog Action Day, an event started started in 2007 by Change.org in partnership with Greenpeace, The Nature Conservancy, and WWF. The annual event asks bloggers from around the world to focus their efforts for one day on a specific issue, from the environment in 2007, to world poverty in 2008, and today on climate…

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