Corn Stover-Biogas-Electricity: First Plant Goes Live

Researchers at Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute have brought a small-scale biogas plant on-line, the first that relies solely on plant waste as a feedstock. A fuel cell uses the biogas to generate electricity at an overall efficiency of 85%.

Sea ice extent June 2012

A Traffic Jam in the Arctic: Northwest Passage “Open for Business”: Arctic Sea Ice at a “Tipping Point”

As the Arctic sea ice extent continues to shrink, new streches of navigatable water in the far north is allowing oil tankers, fishing vessels, and even cruise ships to venture where once only indigenous hunters traveled.

Redefining Chicken S__t: New Biogas Plant Starts Up in Germany

It looks like something of a breakthrough has been made in the biogas world: a chicken hatchery in eastern Germany has commissioned a biogas-to-combined heat and power generation plant that relies on chicken manure as its primary feedstock.