Clear-cutting Indonesian rainforest for a palm oil plantation

The Biofuels Pipedream

First generation biofuels have been widely criticized, but even second, third and fourth generation biofuels have uncertain technical, economic and environmental viability. A full assessment of the environmental costs of biofuels reveals that the vast majority do not make sense. For biofuels to be a truly feasible alternative to oil, life cycle analysis must take into account not only CO2,…

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Algae Biofuels – The Hype, the Hope, the Promise

A review of the proceeding of the pre-conference briefing of the Algae Biofuel World Summit in San Francisco

EarthTalk: Polar Bears in Trouble and the Promise of Biomass

This week’s EarthTalk from E Magazine discusses the threats facing polar bears and the promise and potential of using biomass as a component to solving our energy challenges.

Coal Industry Conference Looks Into Algae To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Algae holds promise for removing carbon emissions and supplying a source for biofuels.