What are the impacts of recycling on the environment?

How Big of an Impact Does Recycling Make on the Environment?

Everyone knows recycling is good for the environment. However, it’s debatable how good it can actually be. Changing situations have caused the cost of recycling to change and increased the volume of resources that are put into it. On average, Americans produce about 254 million tons of trash. That’s a lot to find room for. There’s simply nowhere to put…

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Freecycling – A Step Beyond Recycling

Guest post  by Caroline Smith Most people are aware of the benefits of recycling in general. However, many may be unaware of the numerous reasons why a specific type of recycling, referred to as freecycling, is such a great concept. Freecycling, which, as the name suggests, denotes free recycling, is a way in which you can rehome your unwanted items and…

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