Air Force One Lands in Copenhagen – President at Bella Center

As of 9:30am CET – President Obama’s plane lands in Copenhagen, with latest word  that he has arrived at the Bella Center. Talks now enter their final crucial day (with reports that ministerial talks will likely stretch into Saturday).

COP15 Free-Fall

This morning two NGO’s, Friends of the Earth and Avaaz, had their access to the Bella Center completely shut off, sparing a protests and a sit-in at the entrance. Hundreds of demonstrators from outside marched toward the Bella calling for the UN conference to be a “people’s assembly” and demanding “climate justice” through an aggressive and equatable deal to be…

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COP15 Climate Talks in Disarray – Again

It is no 4:30 in the afternoon in Copenhagen. Truth be told, I was out on a press trip most of today with three other journalists visiting some of Denmark’s leading companies and research organizations involved in various facets of biomass, co-generation technology, and renewable energy. It is good to get away from the madness of the Bella Center and…

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Good Intentions Plus 20 Kroner Gets a Cup of Coffee in Copenhagen – But No Climate Deal

UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer’s 6:30PM press briefing was postponed nearly forty minutes last night due to his meeting with demonstrators and activists standing vigil in the cold outside the Bella Center. When later asked what took place to cause the postponement, de Boer only said he had “met with representatives outside.” UN Minister to the Convention Connie Hedegaard…

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COP15: The Time is Now

In spite of the recent weeks of roller coaster-like expectations for a positive outcome from the COP15 climate conference that got underway yesterday, the sense of urgency is keenly felt here at the Bella Center, home of the climate negotiations and exhibitions for dozens of NGO’s and observer organizations. The road to Copenhagen has been long and hard, but the…

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