The NOAA releases its latest Arctic Report Card

Baked Alaska: Climate Change in the Arctic

Arctic report card – If there’s been any “pause” in global warming, the Arctic  hasn’t seen it. The latest Arctic Report Card issued from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows a continued acceleration of climate change in the region. This latest report shows that Arctic air temperatures continue to rise at more than twice the rate of global temperatures,…

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Reflections on a changing Arctic: Less Ice Means Faster Warming

Posted on 9 August 2013 by dana1981 This is a re-post of a Carbon Brief article by Roz Pidcock The Arctic is intricately linked to earth’s climate. As Arctic sea ice declines, the effects are being felt far beyond the Arctic region. Now a new study…

Climate Change at the Arctic’s Edge: Field Report Update#2

This may be the last update I’ll find time to post until after the completion of the research expedition. Things will be very busy from here on out. The field work was delayed due to poor weather conditions, so yesterday was our first day in the field. Today the team had to stand down due to the absence of one…

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