Wilkins Ice Shelf in West Antarctic “On the Brink of Collapse”

The Wilkins Ice Shelf along the Antarctic peninsula is poised for “imminent collapse”.

U.S. Could Experience Impacts of Climate Change Sooner Than Expected

The American Geophysical Union, meeting this week in San Francisco for their annual conference, released a report discussing the potential for abrupt climate change and the likely impacts it would have on the United States. The study, based on the latest scientific data and observations, updates the research of recent reports from key agencies and institutions, including the 2007 assessment…

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Antarctic Warming Shows “Human Fingerprints”

The rapid ice melt and temperature rise in the Arctic region has been widely reported, with a record summer ice melt occurring last year in the Arctic ocean, and a near-record this year (the volume of sea ice, if not the extent, did reach a record low this year, with autumn temperatures in the Arctic 9 degrees Fahrenheit above normal)….

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Antarctica: Wilkins Ice Shelf “Hanging by a Thread”

Even though it is the dead of winter in Antarctica, the 6000–square-mile Wilkins ice shelf appears to be hanging “by a thread” according to scientists and is in imminent threat of breaking up off the Antarctic Peninsula. Held now only by a thin and deteriorating ice bridge, the Wilkins ice shelf is …the most recent in a long, and growing, list…

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A Piece of Antarctica Falls into the Sea

A 160–square-mile portion of the Wilkins Ice shelf along the Antarctic peninsula has, within the past few weeks, collapsed into the ocean. Scientists estimate the ice shelf had been there for up to 1500 years. Some think it is a consequence of global warming. And some don’t. As Andrew Leonard writes in Salon.com, it’s best to consider the source. In the meantime, there…

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West Antarctic Glacier Melt Caused by Volcanic Activity

I recently posted on the unexpected loss of ice on the Antarctic continent. Here’s an update: Hugh F.J. Corr and David G. Vaughan, two scientists from the British Antarctic survey, have recently published findings in Nature Geoscience of a layer of volcanic ash and glass shards indicating an old eruption from an active volcano, the heat from which may be thinning the…

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Accelerating Ice Melt in Antarctica

We’ve been looking a lot at the Polar Bear lately and his shrinking home of ice up in the north, but there is news from the south as well. I wish it were better news.  Climate models had shown an expected increase in ice mass over the coming years, not the shrinking of ice that has now been observed in two…

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