Infographic: Home Energy Use in the US

In the US, residential energy accounts for 22 percent of our total energy use and a considerable cost to our wallets and the environment. Over the last number of decades our homes have grown consistently bigger but also more efficient, leading to many changes in how much energy we use and how we use it. Insulation and other efficiencies mean…

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Is New Energy Policy Just Around the Corner?

There’s more support than ever before from consumers for environmentally-friendly energy policy.  This can be seen simply from the ever-growing number of news articles about global warming to the amount of advertising promoting green products.  From this, one would think that the market itself would be enough to change the current standards to ones with higher-efficiency. However, in a a…

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Combined Heat And Power (CHP) Will Dramatically Increase Efficiency and Can Create Up To One Million Green Jobs

If U.S. power plants fully employed CHP technology, electricity efficiency could be increased by 20%, CO2 emissions would be decreased by 60%, and up to 1 million green collar jobs would be created.