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World Bank Group Climate Finance Rises to Record High Levels

The World Bank Group financed a record-high $20.5 billion in finance for country-level climate action in fiscal year 2018. All told, 32.1 percent of the global development bank group's financing had what's termed climate co-benefits. That exceeds a target of 28 percent by 2020.

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U.S Doubles It’s Commitment to Climate Adaptation

An island in the Maldives slowly succumbs to a rising sea

It’s “crunch time” here in Paris as the deadline for an historic climate agreement is now just just hours away. With release of the latest draft text this afternoon the issues of loss and damage and adaptation remain among the core issues left for ministers to hammer out by Friday. In a speech on Wednesday afternoon Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States will double its climate finance …

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COP 20 Underway in Lima

COP 20 and the Lima Call For Climate Action

The 20th Conference of the Parties – COP 20 – opened yesterday in Lima, Peru. The meeting builds on the work done over the past 5 years in the aftermath of the disappointing Copenhagen Accord of COP 15 in Copenhagen. The major hurdles of building an international post-Kyoto Protocol climate treaty, primarily the issues between developing and developed countries, scuttled any real progress in …

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Green and Sustainable is Well and Good – It Will Not Stop Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise will continue despite what we do to slow global warming. We must learn to adapt to changing global coastlines

By John Englander Editor’s note: the following post is republished here with the author’s permission. The article first appeared on JohnEnglander.net. See his TED talk as he describes how we must learn to adapt even as we work to slow climate change.  Most of us today strive to be more “green” and sustainable. Efforts range from reducing our energy use and our “carbon footprint”, to advancing the …

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Rising Seas – Adapting to Changing Coastlines

The changing shorelines from rising sea levels is unstoppable. We must learn to adapt to this new reality.

Sea level rise and the changing shoreline Oceanographer and author of High Tide on Main Street, John Englander is a leading expert and educator on sea level rise. In this TED talk Englander explains how human civilization takes for granted global coastlines, given that for all of recorded human history, it hasn’t really moved in any significant way. But that is changing. The new reality, says Englander, is that …

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Solar CITIES Water Heaters, Biogas Digesters Help Cairo Poor; Face Uphill Struggle for Adoption

Food waste to energy - a growing source of renewable energy. Pictured here is an anaerobic digester from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Solar panels and bio-gas units made primarily from recycled materials and installed on building roofs in one of the poorest and most populous neighborhoods of Cairo are helping residents cut their energy bills, greenhouse gas emissions and waste, according to a report by IPS’s Cam McGrath. One family man told McGrath that two solar panels and a biogas unit on his roof has lowered …

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