Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon offsets are a means by which individuals, companies, and organizations can reduce their “carbon footprint” or offset the carbon emissions produced by their consumption of electricity, flights taken, and miles driven – any activity the ultimately leads to the generation of carbon emissions.

Carbon offsets are not a total solution to climate change, but done correctly, they offer consumers and businesses a way to lighten their impact on the environment and promote activities that help send a signal to the marketplace that ignoring the consequences of climate change can no longer be the “cost of doing business”, for that cost is simply too high.

GlobalWarmingisReal has teamed up with 4Offsets to provide verifiable carbon offsets for our readers. 4Offsets is a participant member with the Chicago Climate Exchange, and provides a transparent, verifiable means of offsetting carbon emissions.

4Offsets is especially aware of the carbon footprint generated from the online world. Millions of blogs, homepages, and social networking pages require electricity to power the server farms that power all this connectivity. 4Offsets program to Offset your Home Page for $1 is a good start toward mitigating the carbon footprint of all those server farms all over the world we use every day but rarely think about.

Whether it’s a web page or a flight to India, or your daily commute,you can do your part to become Carbon Neutral.