Energy Environmental News

Oil Spill off the Orange County Coast Signals It’s Time For Change

An oil pipeline off of the Orange County coast leaked, causing an oil spill. The

Agriculture Efficiency

The Importance of California’s Water-Energy Nexus

Water and energy in California are linked in what is commonly called the water-energy nexus.

Environmental Featured Post

The Environmental Impact of Palm Oil

The environmental impacts of palm oil include deforestation, climate change, habitat destruction and species loss.

Biofuel Carbon Emissions

Reducing Aviation Emissions By Increasing Sustainable Aviation Fuel?

A plan by the Biden Administration aims to reduce aviation emissions by 20% by 2030

Agriculture Climate Change and Civil Society

Water Shortages in the West

Water shortages in the west increase as a megadrought dry up rivers, streams, and reservoirs.

Arctic Climate Change and Politics

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Lease Auction Falls Short

Despite the unconscionable and horrifying behavior of Donald Trump and his supporters in Washington. D.C.

Fossil Fuels Global Warming News

The Move to Keep Fossil Fuels In the Ground

This post first appeared on our sister site The covid-19 pandemic failed to reduce

climate-earth-sciences Glaciers

Melting Glaciers are Climate Change’s Canary In the Coal Mine

Glacier melt is the canary in the coal mine of climate change. A New Zealand

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