Renewable Energy

Earth Policy News – Global Wind Power Expands in 2006

Eco-Economy Indicator – WIND ENERGY June 28, 2006 Eco-Economy Indicators are the twelve trends the Earth Policy Institute tracks to measure progress in building an environmentally sustainable economy—an eco-economy. Wind electric generating capacity is an indicator because wind is poised to become the foundation of the new energy economy. GLOBAL WIND POWER EXPANDS IN 2006 Joseph Florence Global wind electricity-generating capacity increased by 24 …

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The Science and Politics of Energy – (part one in a series)

Introduction: Getting our fix of energy… President Bush’s recent proclamation that we “are addicted” to oil” here in the United States was not saying anything new – we are energy junkies. A tough analogy, perhaps, but let’s cut to the chase right at the outset. Even a modest lifestyle in the industrialized world – and especially in the United States – requires an enormous …

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