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Obama Calls for One-Third Reduction in Foreign Oil Imports by 2025

President Obama calls for one-third reduction in oil imports by 2025

In a speech at Georgetown University today, president Obama called for reducing the nation’s dependence of foreign oil by one-third by 2025. Realizing that he comes in a long line of past presidents calling for decreased dependency on energy imports, Obama acknowledged that “we’ve been down this road before.” ” …we can’t rush to action when gas prices are high and then hit the …

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Natural Gas Companies Don’t Like Gasland, Josh Fox, or the Oscars

Natural gas companies have tried bullying to get the documentary removed, to no avail

The Weekly Mulch from the Media Consortium by Sarah Laskow (reposted with permission) The natural gas industry is afraid that Josh Fox, director of the muckraking film Gasland, might win an Oscar on Sunday. Earlier this month, an organization called Energy in Depth, backed by the oil and gas industry, sent the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences a letter in which it …

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