Editorial Rants

A debate only in his mind

With the deluge of rain on along the North American east coast on Monday, President Bush was asked if his views about Global Warming are changing. His reply, apparently, was one of concern about th...

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The Science and Politics of Energy – (part one in a series)

Introduction: Getting our fix of energy… President Bush’s recent proclamation that we “are addicted” to oil” here in the United States was not saying anything new – we are energy junkies. A tough analogy, perhaps, but let’s cut to the chase right at the outset. Even a modest lifestyle in the industrialized world – and especially in the United States – requires an enormous …

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Rant – Leave Al Alone

It seems as if Al Gore has raised the ire of some people vehemently opposed to both Al and the horse he rode in on global warming. Or at least opposed to the idea that global warming exists at all. Which could mean that they’re actually for global warming for they would have us do nothing and assume trillions of tons of CO2 released …

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