Editorial Rants

It Isn’t Just the Trees – It’s Where You Plant Them

A recent study by a team of researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Carnegie Institution and Université Montpellier II, have concluded that the positive effects of planting trees from a global warming perspective depends on where those trees are planted. Reported in DailyIndia.com the researchers found that reforestation in mid to high latitudes are likely to be ineffective in reducing global temperatures while the opposite is true with trees planted in tropical rainforests.

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People Just Not Getting It

In a recent letter to the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, a reader accused “global warming fetishists” of being proved wrong due to the mild hurricane season that just ended: I quote: “The Earth didn’t warm Editor — After the catastrophic ’05 hurricane season, many self-styled climate experts were quick to predict that “global warming” would generate similarly disastrous hurricanes in ’06 and …

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