Editorial Rants

Keystone XL vs. Renewable Energy

Comparing tar sands oil with renewable energy clearly demonstrates that renewable energy is the way of a prosperous and sustainable future

A head-to-head comparison demonstrates the overwhelming superiority of renewable energy over the Keystone XL. If approved, the northern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline will carry 830,000 barrels of tar sands oil per day from Alberta to the Gulf Coast in Texas. In addition to risks from spills and potential water impacts, the pipeline will facilitate the mass extraction of Canada’s global warming causing …

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Shocking New NASA Report Shows CO2 Cools the Atmosphere: Anatomy of a Climate Denial Troll Campaign

climate denial troll - "shocking new study" is just a press release on well-established science

Science is so hard… A recent post on our Facebook page claims there is a “new study” showing that carbon dioxide acts as a coolant in the atmosphere. Our Facebook poster, we’ll call him “Adam” (because that’s his name), is confident he’s unearthed this new pearl of knowledge that blows centuries of science on CO2 aside. I assume this now means without the naturally occurring …

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Earth Day 2013 – Not Saving the Earth, Saving Ourselves

Earth Day: Saving the Planet is Saving Ourselves

Today is Earth Day. You didn’t forget did you? Unfortunately, as Husna Haq writes in the Christian Science Monitor, it may be Earth Day itself that needs saving, not the Earth. Haq cites polls showing that back on the inaugural Earth Day  in 1971, 63 percent of Americans saw restoring the natural environment as “very important.” This year, according to a huffpost/YouGov poll, only …

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Video Friday: Greedy Lying Bastards Preview – Follow the Money Trail of the Fossil Fuel Industry

Last weekend I had the opportunity to preview a new documentary from director and documentarian Craig Rosebraugh called Greedy Lying Bastards. The film takes an in depth look at the labyrinthian reach of Big Oil and Big Money into the halls of power and commerce. The aim of these shadow interests is to sow doubt in the reality of climate change and attempt to characterize climate scientists as …

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Video Friday: A Historical Perspective on Climate Change

I’ve noticed increased activity in the “twittersphere” this week trumpeting many of the well-worn memes of climate denial, apparently due to Barack Obama’s mention of climate change action in his second inaugural address on Monday. “Al Gore invented global warming in 2006;” “They changed the name from global warming to climate change;” “It’s cold outside where I live so global warming is a hoax,” and …

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Senator Inhofe Proud to Receive Rubber Dodo Award

Senator Inhofe deserves the 2012 Rubber Dodo award

Last week the Center for Biological Diversity presented its sixth annual Rubber Dodo Award to Senator James Inhofe, joining the ranks of other “luminaries” in their ongoing effort to drive endangered species to extinction across the globe. Inhofe is in the company of such earth-spoiling role models as former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, winner of the 2008 Rubber Dodo and BP CEO Tony Hayward, who …

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An Abdication of Leadership: Climate Change Absent on the National Political Stage

Climate change absent in presidential debates

Despite weeks of cajoling and  demands to insert climate into the discussion during the presidential debates, the final debate ended on Monday with climate clearly absent for the 1st time in 24 years. “Climate change threatens us: the candidates silence threatens to seal our fate,” said Brad Johnson, campaign manager of Climate Science. “President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Governor Mitt Romney and …

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