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Concerned About Global Warming? Then Some Are Calling You a “Jihadist”

Jihad; n. a holy war or pious quest – Webster’s Dictionary I am reticent to even use this word, as it has been abused so much in today’s world. From my own experience, when anyone uses the word it has little to do with any concept of a “holy war”, whatever that might be. Well, that’s the word Cal Thomas uses in a recent …

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Talking to a Global Warming Skeptic

More debunking Lord Monckton

Yep, there’s those pesky quotes around the word “skeptic” again (read the previous post to find out why). You may consider yourself one, or you may be tired of fielding the same tired line from a “skeptic” close to you. I’ve found the perfect resource for all of you from A well organized listing of just about every possible argument we’ve all heard from our …

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