The Rationale For Building New Coal Fired Power Plants

The development of new coal fired power plants is not recommendable because burning coal produces massive carbon emissions. Yet governments around the world are investing in coal fired power plants non stop. Every week more than two coal powered plants go into operation. The controversy is reaching new heights in the UK, where the government is close to endorsing plans…

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Beware Of The Nonsense In Climate Change Business Consulting

So you run a business serious about reducing your carbon footprint and, having done everything that you can do by yourself, you’re now ready to seek the help of an outside consultant to make some operational changes. What should you be on the lookout for? And which consultancy is best suited to match your needs? In looking to find external experts…

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Nature Conservancy Goes Public with Voluntary Carbon Offset Program

Interested in contributing to climate change mitigation and environmental conservation projects? The Nature Conservancy is offering individuals the chance to help fund its Tensas River Basin reforestation project in Louisiana’s Mississippi Delta region, the first in its voluntary carbon offset program.

Window Shopping for Carbon Offsets

The following is a guest post by Jen Boynton: So, you’ve decided to take some responsibility for your carbon footprint and buy some carbon offsets to account for all your unavoidable driving and flying emissions. Congratulations on taking some responsibility for the massive situation we call “the climate crisis” Now you are wondering, which retailers are the most reliable? And…

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